Experienced photonics and optoelectronics researcher with 3 years of research lab experience. Background in silicon-based design and fabrication. Experience and interest in machine learning, photonic design, artificial vision, quantum mechanics, and quantum field theory.


Founder and President

Clemson Fusion Engineering Team

2019 - Present

Head and Founder

Clemson ThinSat Team

2018 - Present

Head and Founder

Clemson Small Satellite Program

2018 - Present

Head of Avionics

Clemson University Rocketry Team

2017 - Present


University of California: Berkeley

Electrical Engineering
May 2026

Clemson University

Bachelor of Science
Electrical Engineering
May 2020


  • Photonic Design
  • Photonic fabrication
  • Application of machine learning to optoelectronic systems
  • Electrical-photonic interfacing
  • Embedded Linux system programming
  • Photonic simulation
  • Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) simulation